Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fulfilling Saturday

I spent an enjoyable Saturday with my college classmate. It was a rewarding and fulfilling Saturday. I didn't plan to write a journal, but after reading a famous remark by Francis Bacon, I decided to note down the journal.
Reading maketh a full man; Conference, a ready man; Writing, an exact man.
I got up at about 7:30 AM. Saturday is the laundry day. I have to wash all the clothes that has been gathered. After a simple breakfast, I did the laundry. Luckily, there weren't that much clothes to wash. Its was already 10:30. I receive a phone call from my college students asking if we are ready to climb the mountain. I am happy to be invited to the outdoor activity. It was a sunny day. Why not, I won't waste time in the dorm. 

After lunch, I get on the bus to the destination. We met there and head to the mountain. It is about 448 meters' high. Not very high. But it turned out that it is hard to reach the top. Very tiring! 

We began to climb the mountain at about 2:00 PM and finished climbing at about 5:00 PM. As I had said, it is very tiring! My muscle aches the next day. Anyway, I haven't climbed any mountain for almost one year. However during climbing, it was pleasing.
Mountain climbing is all about physical exercise and relaxed mood. I bought we two sticks of sugarcoated haws. Sweet and a little bit sour. Just delicious.
Sugarcoated Haws

Pork Shashlik

Upon reaching the top of the mountain, we both felt hungry. So we shared some pork shashlik. It is rewarding, the scenery on the top of the mountain was gorgeous. It is already late, and the sun was red and warm. 

hills steep

drop down caution

mountain in sunset
Well fed, we were backing to the foot of the mountain. Well, we feel extremely hungry reaching the foot of the mountain. So we find some small restaurant to eat. We spent much time finding a place time to eat.

The most amazing was about to happen. We were planing to watch a movie. Much discussion, We finally decide on a new movie - Rise of the Guardians. I have to admit that this movie is a little bit like The Avengers. But it got its peculiarity - 3D. The ticket is a bit expensive. It cost me 120 RMB. 
movie rise of the guardians 2012
I love this movie though the plot is pretty simple and nothing novelty. Maybe it is more like a cartoon. I will draw the poster with my pencils this weekend, if possible.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Words of Wisdom #1

There is a time to speak and a time to be silent.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Turn Apple into Android

Apple and Android seems to be bete noire. But lately, my brother changed my view point. And yours? ; P
My brother pare Apple to Android

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fake Money

Joke translated from Chinese:

Today I bought something and got the change, it was a fake one Yuan! How could it be??? Normally, people got 100 yuan fake money. One yuan fake money is seldom seen.

See what I got.
Fake Money

Real Money
See the difference?
Yeah, it is chairman Mao's hair style. Lol!
Chairman Mao on one Yuan

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Language Difference - Chinglish

Recently I happen to see a funny picture on  Reader's Digest. It is a sign which informs the tourist of the wet floor. The sign reads "CAREFULLY SLIP AND FALL DOWN". Below are the original sign and my comic version.

I guess most of the tourists will laugh at the first sight of the sign. It seems that they care how you hurt yourself. For Chinese who know a little bit about English, they know how it happens - It is the language difference! The first two Chinese characters in PIC#1 means caution or Be careful! While the last two Chinese characters in PIC#1 means that (it is possible to) slip and fall down. Together, the sign means, be careful, or you may slip and fall down! The translator does not have a good command of English as well as Chinese, thus they pay less attention to the connotative meaning of Chinese character.

Interested by such subject, I searched some typical Chinglish quotes, can you figure out the exact meaning? Proper wording is in the bracket.
  • Please do not forget yours everything! (Do not lost your stuff!)
  • Less use paper (Non't wast paper!)
  • Locked room (Dressing room)
  • Foot care (Watch your step)
  • Please do non't pick fruits (Please don't pluck fruits)
OK, that's all for the example. If you are about to go sighting in China, you have to study these signs. I am just kidding, there can be such funny signs in small towns or cities. But in mega cities, for instance Shanghai and Beijing, you will never see such ridiculous signs.
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Colorful Pictures Record Life!

Recently, I came to know wordpress. It is a fantastic platform to keep journals. Before starting my own blog, I have browsed a lot of personal blogs. They are perfectly formed with interesting information. Thus I decide to start my own blog. Here it is - comicspractice.
This is not the only reason to start the blog. I started the blog with the following reasons:
  • Keep thinking. As a Chinese saying that goes, learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous. It is of crucial importance to thinking while living. We need to keep a active and cool mind and learn some lessons from all kinds of experiences. Of course, such lessons worth recording!
  • Keep recording. Human brain have limited memories, we have to do some recording to expand the storage. Keeping a journal is a way out. I may look back by checking out the journals. Joys, excitement, depression, sadness and perseverance are all components of journals.

  • Improving drawing skills. Practice makes perfect! One of my biggest hobby is drawing pictures. I didn't attend any drawing lessons. To draw better pictures, I have to draw more pictures and record them on journal to see if I get any improvement. I will keep comic pictures, watercolors as well as sketch in my journals. By doing this, I hope to see my improvement months later or even years later!

To achieve the above mentioned three goals, I will draw at least 2 pictures in one week. Most of them will be drawn on weekends.

Colorful picture captures colorful life!